Why us

Bring Top Dollar For Your Property

Selling anything – whether it be real estate, surplus equipment, business liquidations
or estates – has traditionally been a time consuming process.

The auction method has been gaining popularity in recent years as the method of choice for both buyer and seller alike. Banks, businessmen, construction and logging industry contractors, courts, and trustees have become convinced that an auction that has been thoroughly advertised and exposed to the general public is the best way to determine fair market value and dispose of all manner of assets. We, at American Auctioneers LLC, devote our time in understanding the needs of our sellers. Through exhaustive research and preparation, we develop auction plans to meet the specific needs of our clients to bring Top Dollar for their property.

Major Benefits Of Having An Auction

  • Auctions generate excitement & concentrated exposure for your assets.
  • Auctions reduce long term carrying & maintenance costs.
  • Auctions provide the opportunity for competitive bidding that result in top dollar.
  • No negotiations mean you set the terms at auction.
  • At auction you set the sale date.
  • Sale is not contingent upon financing – buyers are pre-qualified.
  • The auction process is flexible enough to meet the unique needs of each client.

No obligation auction consultation

Believing that our word is our bond, we know that our future growth and success will be directly attributed to the ethics of hard work, honesty, and integrity.

We believe that each client should know how important they are to our overall success and how much they are appreciated. We feel that once you have done business with us, you will see that our superior level of marketing and customer service does not cost you, in the long run, it pays! When you are asked to recommend an auction company, American Auctioneers, LLC wants to be the name you recommend. If you have assets that you wish to convert to cash, contact American Auctioneers, LLC for a no obligation auction consultation.