Purchasing farm, construction, and various pieces of building equipment can be a significant investment, which is why heavy equipment auctions are often the best choice. At these auctions you can shop a large variety of equipment at great prices from professional sellers allowing you to replace your existing equipment or expand your machinery inventory.

Shop a Large Variety

Unlike dealers, heavy equipment auctions do not feature only a single brand or manufacturer. These auctions provide buyers the opportunity to see a wide variety of equipment (different manufacturers, older models, alternative types of equipment, etc.) which they can then compare side by side. If you are in the market for multiple pieces of equipment, an auction allows you the opportunity to shop for everything in a single location.

Prices that fit your budget

Heavy equipment auctions are full of high-quality items being sold for much lower prices, providing buyers the chance to purchase quality machinery at discounted prices. These prices can help you stretch your budget to purchase additional machinery or cover maintenance costs of your other pieces of equipment.

Professional, trustworthy sellers

At a heavy equipment auction you will deal with professional and trustworthy auction staff rather than anonymous/unknown sellers or sellers who do not understand the needs of buyers. The in person auction staff will be able to provide you with important information about each piece of equipment and unlike at dealerships, you’ll never have to deal with pushy sales staff—simply bid on the items you are interested in for your business.

Value / Avoid initial depreciation

Just like new vehicles, new heavy equipment depreciates in value  the moment it is driven off the lot. A heavy equipment auction allows you to purchase a reliable piece of machinery at a lower price point while avoiding that initial depreciation.

American Auctioneers Quarterly Equipment Auction: Saturday, March 23, 9 AM

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