Absolute Auction
Friday, January 26, 2018 12 Noon EST

PC cover

Confiscated Evidence from the Gordon County, GA Evidence Room to include Guns, Knives, Holsters, Electronics, and More

To Be  Held at the UGA Extension – Gordon County located at 1282 SR 53 Spur SW, Calhoun, GA.

All purchasers will be required to have federal firearms license to purchase at this auction. Proof of this license will be required.

Personal Property List

Long Guns

Remington Woodmaster Model 742; 30-06 rifle with scope; S/N: 7285026

Remington Model 700; 30-06 sprg; S/N: B6489164

Browning Medallion 25-06 caliber rifle w/scope; S/N: 13271NV317

Browning Medallion 25-06 caliber rifle w/scope; S/N: 13271NV317 w/case and rounds

Rossi 20 gauge shotgun; S/N: SP160620

H&R Pardner 12 gauge pump shotgun; SN: NZ694856 with sling

Revelation 12 gauge pump shotgun; SN; C48703

Remington Sportmans 12 gauge shotgun; SN: W484280M

Winchester Model 1300; 12 gauge shotgun; S/N: L3364924

WInchester Defender 12 gauge shotgun; S/N: L1896022

Browning 12 gauge Magnum shotgun; S/N: 77804

Sears Roebuck and Company 12 gauge shotgun; Patent Pending 290910

WInchester Defender 12 gauge shotgun; S/N: L1896022

Mossberg Model 500A; 12 gauge pump; S/N: K251219

Remington 870 Express Magnum; 12 gauge pump; S/N: B858087M

Savage Stevens Model 311 Series M; 12 gauge shotgun; S/N: B717725

Harrington & Richardson Topper Model 158; 12 gauge; SN: AG243785

Harrington & Richardson Model 175; 10 gauge; S/N: A7479689 w/sling

Norinco SKS 7.62 rifle with scope; SN: 1602580

ACC Arm Semi-Automatic Rifle; 7.62×39; S/N: AC0057065 w/ sling

Savage Arms Model 22-410 Combo; SN:N/A (Patent Pending)

LAR .223 caliber rifle; Model 15; S/N: LX001342

Ranger .223 caliber rifle with scope; S/N: 195-48371

Savage Arms Model Stevens .410 shotgun; S/N: N/A

Marlin Firearms Model 30 AW; 30/30 Lever Action w/sling & scope; S/N: 09042260

Marlin Model 336W; 30/30 rifle; S/N: 99076154

Marlin Model 336; 30-30 lever action rifle; S/N: Y 1317

Winchester Model 94; 30-30 lever action rifle; SN: 4936844

Marlin Firearms 30/30 lever action rifle; Model 336CS; SN: 15008799

Ruger Model 10/22; .22 caliber rifle with Tactical Sight with magazine; SN: 359-73757

Savage Stevens Model G2 .22 caliber rifle; SN: 0051052

Marlin Glenfield Model 65 .22 caliber rifle; S/N: 71519598

Sturm Ruger Mark I .22 caliber Long Rifle Pistol; S/N: 14-79438 with holster

Savage Model 99; .22 caliber rifle with scope; SN: 0043600

Savage Mark II; .22 caliber rifle; S/N: D766219

Marlin Model 60 .22 caliber rifle; S/N: 04263662

Savage Mark I; .22 caliber rifle with scope; S/N: 318408

Daisy .22 caliber rifle; Model 2203; SN: AC0006780

Brown case containing: Stevens Model 887 .22 cal rifle; SN: D552064

JC Higgins .22 caliber rifle; Model 31; SN: 58382 (sawed off)

P.W. Arms SKS 7.62 x 39 with Bonet; SN: 275774

CBC 20 Shotgun’ Model SB; SN: C1300067


Thompson Center Arms 50 caliber Hawken Black Powder Gun: S/N:  310849 w/case

Hi-Point .45 caliber handgun; Model JHP; SN: X4135837 with magazine

Taurus The Judge .45 caliber Public Defender Revolver; SN: ER405906

Taurus 1911 .45 caliber handgun; SN: NZH72934 with magazines

Black case containing: Master Pierce Arms, .45 caliber; S/N: A8618 with 2-magazines

Taurus PT 27/7 Pro DS .45 cal. ACP handgun; S/N: NDM27954

Sturm, Ruger Ruger Blackhawk, .45 caliber revolver; S/N: 45-08369 w/holster & rounds

F.LL IPIETTA .44 caliber black powder handgun; S/N: N/A

Glock Model 22; .40 caliber handgun; S/N: NEX934

Smith & Wesson .40 caliber shield handgun; SN: HWF11401 with 3 magazines

Taurus PT 140 Pro .40 handgun; SN: SBM36992 with magazine

Taurus .38 Ultra-Lite Titanium revolver; SN: 23729

Smith & Wesson Secret Service .38 caliber revolver; S/N: 21977

Bersa .380 caliber handgun; Model Thunder 380; SN: 324802

Bersa .380 caliber handgun; Model 383-A; SN: 211419 with magazine/holster

Interarms .357 magnum revolver; Model: M971; S/N: F132180

Sturn, Ruger Ruger GP100 .357 magnum revolver; S/N: 171-80310

Charter Arms .32 caliber revolver undercover; S/N: 969989 w/ holster

Germany Omega .32 Caliber revolver; SN: 14452

Colt Police Special; .32 caliber revolver

Bryco Arms Model 25; .25 caliber handgun; SN: 1248172

Phoenix Arms .25 caliber handgun; Model HP25A; SN: 4356150 with magazine

Ruger .22 caliber handgun; SN: 12-24068

Derringer .22 caliber handgun; SN: F27564

Daisy Model 2202; .22 caliber LR; S/N: N/A

Heritage Rough Rider .22 magnum revolver; S/N: HZ18361

Hawes Firearms Western Marshal .22 revolver; S/N: 1263712

Smith & Wesson SW9VE; 9mm handgun; SN: ABB5183

Hi-Point Model C9; 9 mm with magazine; SN: P148037

Smith & Wesson Model SW9F .9mm handgun; S/N: N/A

Ruger Model 10/22; .22 caliber LR; with scope; S/N: 254-33058

Remington Model 87; .22 caliber LR; S/N: A2345770

Marlin Model 49DL; 22 LR with scope; S/N: N/A

Ruger Model 10/22; .22 caliber LR; S/N: 128-07291

Savage Model 5; .22 caliber LR; S/N: N/A

Winchester Model 192; .22 caliber LR; S/N: B1781968

Omega Model 100 .22 caliber revolver; SN: 90402

Omega 100 .22 caliber revolver; SN: 51039

High Standard Sentinel Deluxe; .22 revolver; S/N: 1626531

RG Model RG23; .22 caliber revolver; S/N: 311247 w/ holster

N.E.F. R22 Ultra Mag .22 caliber revolver; S/N: NN001238

Black case w/ Beretta .22 caliber pistol; Model U22; S/N: P23132 w/sight and bore

109.ROHM Model 24T; .22 caliber revolver; S/N: 175747 with holster

Marksman BB Gun; SN: 09026743

Daisy .177 BB Gun

Zouave Black Powder Gun

Springfield .50 caliber black powder gun; SN: 099833

Connecticut Valley Arms Black Powder Rifle; SN: 367730


Black Uncle Mikes Nylon Holster

Sword with sheath

Perfect Fit Holster

Milan Watch

LG Cellphone

Apple IPod

Del Phi Mi Fi XM Radio

Black Nylon Uncle Mikes Holster

Silver in Color Auburn Card Holder

Black duffel bag

Eastport back pack containing tools

Galco holster

White HTC Cellphone with charger

Wireless Gear with Charger

Black Holster

Toshiba 500 GB External Hard Drive

Toshiba 1TB External Hard Drive

Two (2) black holsters

Butler Creek 25/22 magazine

2-Samsung Cell phones & Pantech AT&T Cell phone

Sealed package containing screwdriver

Pocket knife

Frost Cutlery Knife

Tasco Red Dot Scope

Tool Aid wire cutters

Motorola Cell phone with charger

SD Card, Charger, Digital Recorder, 3-cellphones


Three cell phones and chargers

Motorola Cell Phone, Silver & Black in color, IMEI # 354656021049938


Black APC case with misc. items

Night Vision Goggles

Case w/ coins


Night Vision

Sony Device, Knife, Guide

LG Cell Phone


Green handle wire snips

Air Jordan Basketball Shoes

Red Respond bag containing: Dewalt Saw

Two (2) .223 magazine

Assorted floppy & compact disks

Samsung Cell Phone; SN: RPUQ865765J

AT & T Blackberry Phone; SN: R4905

XBOX 360; S/N: 772403583305

Toshiba Laptop; S/N: 2959415Q

Dell Laptop; S/N: CN-OX3677-38561-53J-0536

Beige Computer Tower; S/N: MGP00E220975

Sony Hand Cam; S/N: 409274

Gold in color handle knife with gold in color sheath

Sentry Safe with Key

Nokia Cell Phone

Pair of yellow bolt cutters

Two (2) Silver in color knives

Mitsubishi Model CS-27205 TV; S/N: 590501

Worthington Propane Tank with nozzle


St. Moritz bag

Black cloth holster

Stanly Phillips Screwdriver

Mitsubishi Model CS-27205 TV; S/N: 590501

Sansui Flat Screen TV; S/N: 057680400931

Sony VHS Recorder

Seagate Hard Drive; S/N: 9RA7AZKZ

Digital Video Recorder Model DVR4; S/N: A01080714382

Black hard case containing four (4) 7.62 x 39 magazines with rounds

Black hard shell gun case

113.Black Holster

Green in color thigh holster

Ram-Line 10-22 magazine

Tapco USA 7.62×39 magazine

One (1) 7.62×39 magazine

New England Firearms Model Pardner SBI; S/N: NK214058

Black worth bag containing tools and extension cord

Sealed package containing: white t-shirt with hair

Symphonic 19″ TV; Model WF-1901; S/N: V10163709

Two (2) black rifle cases